Working with me last updated: June 23, 2024

Inspired by Julie Zhuo’s post and Malte Ubl and Hardik Pandya's sites I’ve begun a handbook/user guide of my own that I’m calling my readme.

How I like to work

  • I’m a note-taker, it helps me process information during meetings and ensuring there’s clear outcomes and actions from a meeting is my love language.
  • In a similar vein, I make lots of lists — TODOs are how I stay sane and get things done.
  • I’m a believer in small improvements, compounding over time.

How I communicate

  • I tend to ramble when speaking, so I prefer to write, edit, and rewrite in order to communicate more clearly and concisely.
  • Through many cases of foot-in-mouth-itis, I’ve learned that it’s better for me to think more before I speak — as a result I’m not as direct as I’d like to be. This is something I’m working on, especially when giving feedback. I work very hard to build trust in relationships so that my feedback can be received more positively.

Things I do that may annoy you

  • My default is to expect better — it’s in my nature to see what can be improved, but I’m working hard to acknowledge good work and effort first before suggesting ways to improve. If I immediately start off by sharing ideas or improvements, know that it’s not that I don’t appreciate what’s there, it’s that I love it so much and want to see what’s next.
  • I have very strong opinions about most things — however I also work very hard to maintain an open mind and am quick to change when presented with a compelling, logical argument, and/or scientific data.

What I do well

  • Executing and doing
  • Scaling and making processes more efficient
  • Seeing the big picture and connecting the dots between what the goal is and what we need to do to get there

What I’m working on

  • Selling and promoting work
  • Being tactical and strategic about scaling the right thing at the right time
  • Taking time to learn more before optimizing


Don’t just take my word for it...

As they say, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with — at various points throughout my career I’ve had the privilege of working with and learning from many excellent people, a few were kind of enough to share some kind words:

  • Abel Hancock

    Abel Hancock Coworker 2017-24
    Staff Product Designer @ Liferay

    Paul is the best manager I’ve ever had. He always takes time to listen and genuinely cares about you as a person. What sets him apart is that he doesn’t just listen, he actively helps you solve issues and empowers you to grow as a person through whatever challenges you’re facing.

  • Ed Chung

    Ed Chung VP of Product @ Liferay 2014-21
    Product Manager @ Apple

    Paul is one of the most well-rounded designers I’ve ever worked with. I really appreciated his product instincts, especially paired with his humility and desire to see the best idea win. He lives by 'Users First, Data Always' — employing quantitative and qualitative data to inform and shape design decisions that always places the user at the heart of the solution.

  • Emily Laskey

    Emily Laskey Coworker 2017-21
    Director of Implementation, Project Management @ Financial Services Institution

    I had the pleasure of working with Paul for over 4 years on numerous cross functional teams. He was always eager to offer his support and was great to collaborate with on a wide variety of projects — from small landing pages to end-to-end web apps. I would love to work with Paul again knowing he always delivers quality work.

  • Juan Hidalgo

    Juan Hidalgo Manager 2017-22
    VP of Design @ Mews

    An incredibly curious person and a natural empath, Paul is one of the most versatile designers I’ve worked with. His broad range of abilities and experiences help him excel at solving problems of scale - designing for millions of users. The depth of his technical expertise, keen eye for detail, and excellent taste make him a valuable contributor in an org looking to ship high-quality products.

  • Mercedes Oseguera

    Mercedes Oseguera Coworker 2020-24
    Principal Communication Designer @ Liferay

    I can’t recommend Paul highly enough! He’s a master of efficiency, with a talent for streamlining processes and getting things done. Paul has an incredible eye for detail. He’s constantly thinking ahead and identifying potential issues. He brings a highly analytical mind to every project, ensuring all decisions are well-informed and strategic. Paul is constantly seeking ways to add value, improve systems, and produce work of the highest quality. Working with Paul has instilled in me the importance of organization, a focus on detail, and a dedication to achieving the best possible results. I’m so grateful for the years I spent under Paul’s leadership. I learned a tremendous amount from him and consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented and dedicated leader.

  • Nathan Cook

    Nathan Cook Coworker 2014-15
    Director of Web Development @ Audible

    The best designer I ever worked with.

  • Ryan Connolly

    Ryan Connolly Coworker 2017-21
    Staff Interaction Designer @ Google

    I had the pleasure of working with Paul for 4 years at Liferay. He is an exceptional team builder and strategist. Paul’s self-discipline, lack of ego, and continuous growth impress peers. I learned a lot from him, and will always be appreciative of our time designing together. He maximizes resources effectively, proving immediate value. An asset to any team, Paul’s hard work sets a top-tier example and brings out the best in others.