Thank you for visiting my small corner of the world wide web!

Fun fact: "world wide web" has less syllables than "www".

My name is Paul and I‘m a designer with a passion for building.

This is my digital workshop, garden, gallery, and notebook — it’s primary purpose is for me to learn, but I do hope it might help (or at least inform/mildly amuse) others, such as yourself.

If you have any feedback, ideas, or general questions, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email (hit M on your keyboard) or book time on my calendar (hit C on your keyboard). I’ve benefitted greatly from people taking random meetings with me, and I love paying it forward.

Director of Design at Liferay


2022 — 2024

I stepped into an interim-turned-permanent role after the departure of the VP of Design — it was a great opportunity to learn a very different level of design and leadership.

  • Translated company strategies into prioritized initiatives, led division of 40+ designers, managed $3.8M budget, $2M/year in revenue
  • Built Research team and capabilities (tooling, repositories) to bring our customer’s voice to every team
  • Collaborated with Design leads to develop KPIs for Design Systems and Brand for a more data informed approach

Principal Designer at Liferay


2021 — 2022

As Principal Designer, I continued to manage Product Design teams, while establishing and leading our Design Ops function. One of my key contributions was setting the vision for a new version our Design System, rethinking how a design system can add value beyond a product organization and becoming a key value prop for enterprise customers.

  • Managed Product Design teams, developed and hired managers
  • Established Design Ops function to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, alignment in design systems and brand, and scale processes
  • Led the productization of our design system, started evolution of Design Systems team from cost center to profit center
  • Led designers in platform quality initiative that directly contributed to company exceeding revenue targets by almost 20%

Senior Product Design Manager at Liferay

Diamond Bar, CA / Remote

2019 — 2021

While still working on select product and consulting projects, I began managing internationally and helped grow and lead other managers.

  • Worked with Liferay’s first VP of Design to establish Design as a division with Brand and Product departments
  • Developed remote operating policies and hired internationally in Brazil, Spain, and Japan
  • Built consulting practice in APAC, generated $250k revenue in 1st year

UX Design Manager at Liferay

Diamond Bar, CA

2017 — 2019

After spending 3 years gaining a deep understanding of our product and customers in my role as Web Designer, I moved to a product team tasked with developing an MVP for an entirely new product line. I also grew the UX team based in our LA office from 4 to 8.

  • Collaborated closely with Product and Engineering leads, led design for successful launch of Liferay’s first SaaS product MVP
  • Designed and developed a growth framework for the UX department
  • Built consulting practice in NA, generated $200k revenue in 1st year
  • Designed and developed

Web Designer at Liferay

Diamond Bar, CA

2014 — 2017

Liferay’s first web designer, initially hired to support our marketing efforts, I quickly grew my responsibilities to include all web properties, built Liferay’s first web style guide and hired my first two designers.

    Arguably one of the best shows ever on television — learning how things are made has always fascinated me. Hopefully you can relate, otherwise this section will be quite dull.

    Built with NextJS

    • 5 years ago I built the first version of this site using GatsbyJS, and I wanted to try something new — NextJS has become an industry leader in the React space, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about

    Hosted on Vercel

    • seemed to make sense to use the host that built NextJS

    Components from Radix UI and Shadcn

    • coming from ThemeUI, Radix and Shadcn both seemed like good options
    • I'm still getting used to it — I still prefer the mental model of ThemeUI? I think?

    Styled with TailwindCSS

    • I've been wanting to use Tailwind for awhile, a brand new build is a great opportunity to try things
    • Again — I think I may possibily prefer ThemeUI for styling / re-use, but I've actually really enjoyed how quickly I can work in Tailwind, getting 80% of the way very quickly

    Themed using TailwindCSS and Shadcn

    • I started using Radix Themes but it wasn't as immediately obvious to me how to go beyond Dark/Light themes — and Shadcn documentation had Tailwind specs that made sense to me

    Informed via Fathom Analytics

    • I take privacy very seriously, but it's also useful to know what is working and what isn't, so I use Fathom — if you're similarly keen, use my referral link and we'll both benefit!


    I was inspired by Jeff’s site to archive the different iterations of my site over the years.

    To do this, I create branches for each version. The master branch is where the current version of the site lives. The working branch is where I'll experiment and work on major changes. The v1 branch is where the first version of the site lives. The v2 branch is where the second version of the site lives, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

    To see the first version of the site built cira 2017, visit



    • Fira Sans
      • Open source typeface designed by one of my favorite typographers (Erik Spiekermann). Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works by Spiekermann was one of (if not the first) book I read on typography, and has continued to influence me to this day.
    • Charter (?)
      • TODO --> implement a serif typeface on the site.


    So many people have influenced and contributed to the design and development of this site — for which I’m incredibly grateful.