Hotkey Design

What are hotkeys? Keyboard shortcuts , often called 'hotkeys', are keys or combinations of keys that perform an action in a digital product…
4 min read
7 months ago

What is Real?

A dear friend recently sent me a video as part of a larger discussion (hopefull more on that later) as I was composing my reply, I thought…
3 min read
10 months ago

Email in 2020

It's been close to 20 years since my dad made me my first email account — — I don't have access to it anymore, I…
2 min read
a year ago

Part 2: Git, HTML/CSS, Engineering Principles

In Part 1 , I explained the basics of the terminal, shared a few productivity hacks to get you started, and how to choose a code editor. In…
15 min read
a year ago

Part 1: The Terminal And Text Editors

For the purpose of this two-part series of articles, we're going to assume the answer for "Should designers code?" is "It depends." If you…
10 min read
a year ago

Gatsby Days LA: A Love Story

If you’ve followed me for any length of time on Twitter , you’ve probably seen multiple professions of love for Gatsby . When I…
6 min read
a year ago

The Impact of Performance on User Experience

Summary Performance issues of any kind can come at a high cost and can affect almost every metric — from task abandonment to lower adoption…
1 min read
2 years ago

Design At Scale: One Year With Figma

Note: This article was originally published by Smashing Magazine on April 15, 2019 Whether you’re a designer or developer, it can be…
12 min read
2 years ago

Netlify vs. Zeit vs. Github Pages

The Liferay Design team made regular use of Liferay’s developer-centric deployment platform, WeDeploy. Static sites like our primary domain…
2 min read
2 years ago

Creating Atomic Components That Will Blow Your Mind

Special thanks to Jamie Street , Jimmy Musto , Jens Johnsson , Sergi Viladesau , Princess Buttercup , and all the fine folks at…
3 min read
2 years ago

Brand Updates at Liferay

What is Liferay DXP? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question. I’m even more sure you’ve heard someone else ask this question. If we as…
5 min read
2 years ago

New Team, Assemble!

The beginning of November marked my first year as Liferay's UX Design Manager for North America. As Design organizations are wont to do, we…
3 min read
2 years ago
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